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The Boylon GmbH already was at the fair Sensor + Test in 2013 and 2014.
2015 Boylon will also be at the Sensor + Test in Nuremberg.

To our existing product range for the temperature sensor business we included now thermocouple connectors as well as plastic, aluminum and zinc die castings and their the program. Look also


Thermocouple connectors for thermocouples and RTDs. The connectors are suitable for test leads and MI thermocouple cable. When thermocouples are often changed, for example relocation of the monitor or the incorporation of diffrent thermocouples necessary then to integrate those with thermocouple connectors. The contacts of the thermocouple connectors are made of thermocouple material to avoid erroneous measurements due to variations in ambient temperature. As a result, no new thermocouples can form in the joints. The thermocouple connectors are polarized (poka yoke) by the diffrent types of pins. The connectors are available in different  colours, according to relevant national and international standards.


The Boylon GmbH is now the german agent for the Portuguese supplier Tekon,

Regular reviews of the Boylon manufacturers and suppliers are done by the managing director, Dr. Gartner. With this, the Boylon GmbH makes sure that the products are delivered in perfect quality, the working conditions for the employees of our suppliers are very good. Our suppliers take responsibility for the environment and follow accordingly.


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